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What is Spectre Squad?

Spectre Squad is the Strategic Services Agency's elite, top-secret special operations unit. Missions carried out by this unit are generally black or invisible, but its operatives do not vanish like those in black ops task forces or fleets. Spectre Squad is much like any other special operations unit, with the exception that all missions are classified. Working for Spectre Squad is highly dangerous with little reward. Most Spectre operatives are chosen because they enjoy secretive work and are highly motivated to succeed.

Spectre Squad is, for all intents and purposes, the Federation's secret weapon. Often deployed behind enemy lines or in hostile territory, the unit is well known for getting the job done and escaping with little notice. Despite this notoriety and the fact that Spectre operatives don't vanish completely from sight, the Federation often maintains that Spectre Squad does not exist.

Spectre Squad's mission is a simple one: safeguard the Federation and her secrets at all costs. The mission must always come first; all other concerns are secondary. The work is dangerous, and often unethical or "dirty", but the job must be done in order to protect the Federation from threats that the Federation Council and Starfleet Command don't see... or can't protect against.

Strategic Services Agency

The Strategic Services Agency was founded in 2401 as a supplement to Starfleet Intelligence. Within a matter of months, the agency had replaced Starfleet Intelligence entirely, with every Intelligence Officer in Starfleet drafted into its ranks. Its members are outside the "normal" Starfleet, giving the SSA more freedom to do its job.

Headed by Colonel Gabriela Torres, the Strategic Services Agency serves to collect, analyze, and report on Intelligence information. The Agency is well known for using any means necessary to accomplish its mission, even going so far as to use the "Theta Protocol" to place entire starships under the control of an SSA operative.

The SSA is also know for employing harsh interrogation methods, some of which are rumored to be akin to torture. It's best agents are often the most brutal, but also the most intelligent.

Official operations for the SSA come in three varieties or "colors". "Gray" missions are classified as "secret" and can often be revealed in part. "Black" missions are classified as "top secret" and can only be revealed if absolutely necessary. "Invisible" missions are the most dangerous and are never revealed for the safety of the operative involved.

SSA agents are trained in a variety of techniques, including training on how to blend in with their target group and essentially disappear. Agents who have "disappeared" for any length of time have holes not only in their service records, but also in their medical histories.

Because of its likeness to Section 31, the Strategic Services Agency is often mistrusted by Starfleet officers. This has been a point of contention since the Agency's creation.

Though the main headquarters of the SSA is in the old Pentagon building in Virginia, orders - particularly to Spectre Squad and other undercover teams - are routed through different facilities in order to keep potential interceptors from knowing which facility is the control center.